Local Policies:


All teams must be registered with NCTB Baseball in order to participate

Entry in tournament is not guaranteed until full payment is received :

  • Teams may provide a credit card number to hold a spot up until 10 days before the event, at which time the credit card will be processed.
  • Full payment must be received 10 days prior to the beginning of the tournament: It is common for tournaments to sell out earlier than this. Entries are on a first paid basis!

Any team we do not have payment for with less than 10 days before the event may be removed from the list

Acceptable payment options are:

  • Sign up and mail in a check up to 10 days before the tournament
  • Sign up and pay online by credit card (Visa, Master Card, Discover, or American Express) WE DO NOT ACCEPT PAYMENTS AT THE FIELD !
  • Brackets are published on the Monday evening before the event in most cases
  • Only teams that we have received payment from will be bracketed : NO TEAM WILL BE SCHEDULED WITHOUT PAYMENT !
  • All special requests for game times must be received in writing before brackets are published. We will try to accommodate all requests but we cannot make any guarantees.
  • Teams may pull out of any event up to 1 week (7 days) before the start of the tournament and receive a full refund without penalty within 10 days of receiving notice.
  • Teams that pull out within one week of the start of the tournament incur a $50 penalty. Team will be refunded the entry fee minus the $50 late cancellation fee within 14 days from the end of the tournament Teams that pull out any time after brackets are published are responsible for the entire entry fee. If we can replace that team with another team, they will only be penalized the $50 late cancellation fee.
  • There will be a $50 fee for all returned checks and team is placed on suspension. Full payment of the original entry fee plus the $50 returned check fee must be received before team can participate in any other Nations Baseball event.
  • Any team that does not show up or voluntarily forfeits a pool play game may not advance to play off round.
  • Any team that does show up or forfeits a consolation game will be fined $150 payable to the scheduled opponent, and placed on suspension. Team will not be allowed to participate in any other NC TB Baseball event until $150 payment is received.

In the event of a cancellation due to field conditions or inclement weather, teams will receive a refund as follows :

  • 0- games played = Full Refund
  • 1 or 2 games played = Divide the entry fee by the minimum games for the tournament. The refund will be the amount of games not played. For example: A $450 entry fee with a 3 game minimum= $150/game. With 1 game played, teams are refunded the remaining 2 games for a total of $300.

Any game started is considered a game playe.

Teams will be given a choice to receive a check for the refunded amount within 14 days of the tournament, or they can apply the refunded amount to any other Velocity Baseball tournament of their choice


2017- 2018 Tournament Rules

Divisions are based upon player’s ages as of year 2018 league age (as of May 1, 2018). Players may play up in age but may not play down. New season starts August 1.

NCTB By-laws shall apply. The only exceptions are listed below.

Pitching restrictions for tournaments are as follows:

  • 8u & 12u: 18 Outs in a day, 27 Outs for the tournament; 13:
  • 21 Outs in a day, 30 Outs for the tournament; No Restrictions for 14u or above.
  • A pitcher removed from the mound may not return to pitch in the same game.

Base Coaches are not required to wear helmets, but are encouraged to if they have them.

Teams may elect to bat 9 players OR bat 10 players using the EH OR bat the entire roster. The EH is considered a defensive player and may switch in and out defensively. Starters may re-enter one time only in their original spot. Only ages 14u and up may use the DH and an EH.

Time Limit: 8u-19u/col will play with no new inning after 2hrs. TIME LIMITS MAY BE ADJUSTED TO COMPENSATE FOR TIGHT SCHEDULES OR WHERE FIELDS DO NOT HAVE LIGHTS. TIME LIMITS WILL BE COMMUNICATED BEFORE TOURNAMENT STARTS. Published Time limits in Tournament Information packet supersedes this document.

Extra innings will be played if the games are tied until time has expired. Games that are still tied after 1 extra inning, and after time has expired will continue under the IBAF Tie Break Rules.

Both managers and umpires meet where they can declare where in the order they wish to begin

The inning will start with runners at 1st base and 2nd base with no outs. Both coaches must declare

Their order before the inning is started. A maximum of 1 run will be recorded for all extra innings in pool play.

All protests will be ruled on immediately and all decisions are final. Once a pitch is thrown, team loses the right to protest. $100 Protest Fee. Cash only. EXCEPTION: Violation of pitching rules can be protested at any time.

Roster/Player Protests Procedures

  1. All Rosters are accepted and approved at the Home Plate meeting when line ups are turned in.
  2. Lineup cards should have first and last names
  4. Manager must approach home plate umpire and request a protest
  5. Umpire will stop the game (and pause the timer) and hear complaint
  6. Umpire will conference with protesting Manager and Tournament Director
  7. The Tournament Directors ruling on the protest is final. Penalty is fully at the discretion of Tournament Director.
  8. Any team knowingly using illegal players, with a blatant intent to cheat, shall be subject to discipline ranging from forfeit to ejection from the tournament to suspension from NCTB Sanctioning for up to 1 year at the discretion of the State Director.
  9. Teams who forfeit consolation games will be fined and sanctioned by Velocity Baseball and NCTB Sanctioning.
  10. Absolutely no pregame infield on any of the fields. Warm up in foul territory only!
  11. Courtesy runners will be allowed for the pitcher and catcher AT ANY TIME. It must be someone not presently in the game. If the team has no substitutes, the last batted out may run.
  12. Run rules: 8u-19u/col plays with 15 after 3, 10 after 4, 8 after 5.
  13. Home team will be determined by coin flip for all pool play games. In playoff games, the higher seed will be home until the Championship Game, where we again flip a coin. Dugouts are first-come, first-served.
  14. All conversations with umpires should be conducted after a time out has been called and be held in a calm and professional manner. Verbal abuse of the umpire will not be tolerated. Any manager, coach, parent or player ejected for use of profane, abusive and threatening language May be kicked out of the tournament. Managers are responsible for the conduct of their players and fans.

If a coach is ejected from a game, coach is out for the remaining of that game. Additional game suspensions may be issued based on the severity of the infraction at the discretion of the Tournament Director.

Whenever a tag play is evident, runners must either slide, seek to avoid contact with the fielder, or give themselves up in a safe manner. Malicious contact shall supersede all obstruction penalties. Penalty: runner shall be declared out and may be subject to ejection.

In all age divisions, an intentional walk may take place by announcement.

Lineup cards shall be given to the home plate umpire at the pre-game meeting. That lineup will be the official batting order once the game begins. All substitutes must be listed on the lineup card, or present official printed roster. If a substitute is not listed, they will not be allowed to play.

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